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In this material world, where despite attempts of digital payments are emerging, cash remains to be king. And so, investing in a good wallet is just as good as finding the right home to protect what's yours.

The thing is, how much of potential does a wallet hold? Is it just an on-the-go compartment for cash? Besides the credit cards and important VIP plastics, it may hold your health care, and your mementoes, which are all things more important than anything else. It could be a picture of your family, the receipt of the dinner you had when your girlfriend finally said yes, or the ID of your kid that you should show when picking her up from school. All of these deserve a compartment in your wallet.

So, choose if the sturdiest or the most useful is leather or fabric. For sure either is tested through time but there are trending flat materials that are now being used for their fabrication. Tyvek, being one of the non-woven textiles, are making a name and as sustainable materials are hailed, reusable materials are found worthy of a makeover. Nowadays, waterproof maps get reprinted on Tyvek for the synthetically designed wallets that most travellers love having.

In terms of safety, your money, your IDs, credit cards, and small mementos must be taken care of so make sure your land a wallet that is waterproof, simple, and not too bulky. Having an RFID blocker may serve you good too.

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