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Does your phone suffer from fast charge drop too? Well, mine does. And getting a new mobile is very pricey and good power banks don’t come with a minimal pocket pinch as well. But what if I tell you that I know about a product that will change this problem of yours?

Yes, Ambrane is a brand that manufactures really affordable and long lasting power banks and that too at a very nominal price. They have a variety of powers and colours that you can choose from. They will last you a long time, are durable and are compact is size as well.

Ambrane offers a huge selection for these tech gadgets so why wait? Tech it up a notch this season.

We as a company guarantee you to have a wonderful experience with us here. We make your purchase a memorable one. With affordable prices and huge varieties, we help you develop your business or give your loved ones a gift of great quality and that too without hurting your pocket.

Brand: Ambrane Model: p1022
Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh Battery Type: Li-Ion Cells Input: 5V/1.5A Triple Output: 5V/2.1A..
Ex Tax:₹1,000.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: p1122
Battery Capacity-10000mah Battery type- Li-ion Battery Input- 5V/1A Triple Output- 5V/2.1A High-efficiency Rotating LED torch..
Ex Tax:₹1,020.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: p-1310
Battery Capacity- 13000mah Battery Type- Li-ion  Input: 5V/1.5A Output 1: 5V/1A Output 2: 5V/2.1A High efficiency LED torch..
Ex Tax:₹1,300.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: p2000
Battery Capacity: 20800 mAh BAttery Typr: Li-Ion Input:5V/2.1A Output 1: 1.5V/1A Output 2: 2.5V/2.1A Output 3: 3.5V/2.1A High efficiency LED torch..
Ex Tax:₹2,000.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: P201
CAPACITY-2200mah -BAttery type-Li-ion cells Input:5v/1a, Output:5V/1A..
Ex Tax:₹350.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: p444
Battery  capacity: 4000mah Battery type: Li-Ion Cells Input: 5V/1a Output:5v/1A..
Ex Tax:₹640.00
Brand: Ambrane Model: p-501
Battery capacity: 5000mAh Battery Type: Li-Ion Cells Input: 5V/1.2A, Output:5V/2.1A..
Ex Tax:₹1,998.00
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