As we aware that many businesses and individuals are left scrambling purchasing and obtaining many products and things during this COVID-19 period. Thus the requirements for several products have arisen sharply, and the distribution has dipped in this Chinese New Year period. In this period, many companies are looking for corporate gifts firms for supplies of several items for their employees, partners, shareholders, clients, and affiliated partners.

 In this vital period, several companies have postponed or cancel their events, trade shows, seminars, and conventions to a later date of this year. This is to decrease the potential of spreading the virus among the recipients. On top of it, big companies have also triggered business contingency plans to permit 50% of their workers to work from home or their workplace. It is also to ensure that the corporation is not going to have a virus outbreak at the event if someone contacted the infectious.

 Custom Hand Sanitizers

 As we all know that the Corona virus (COVID-19) is dispersed through germs And germs broad through touching of things together with our bare hands, therefore hand sanitizers will be the number 1 corporate gift that many companies would want to personalize with their trademarks. Customizing hand sanitizers together with the company logo would be an ideal present for those workers of the enterprise to reveal their health and to care for them.

 Customize hand sanitizers will Permit the users to Disinfect their hands and strategies after touching rails, pressing buttons, or after several handshakes with various people in a corporate event. Using the hand sanitizers would be extremely simple as ABC.

 Press a pinch of sanitizer and massaging, and dispersing the hand sanitizer across your palms will be an ideal way or employing the sanitizers. We'd recommend you to see professional websites on the exact method of applying the sanitizers.

 Customized hand sanitizers with corporate logos are the #1 corporate gifts due to their sizes and portability. These Hand Sanitizers can also be used as Holder in which they are labeled to their keys and bags. Its portable 30ML size would also allow them to carry across abroad, tag to their backpacks for work, or even weekend leisure trips to the malls. Apart from 30 ml size, they are also available in other capacities like 60ml, 120ml, 500 ml, and 5 Liter capacity.


 We recently began supplying custom facial masks to our clients. We have got a vast choice of fabrics and styles to select from, available both custom branded and sterile.

 Let us be fair; this isn't a product you've thought much about until a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't even something we provided on our website. But today they're one of our most popular products.

So to help you discover the ideal custom face mask to your needs, below are a few of the common (and not so common) questions we've been getting from our clients.

 With this post, we're attempting to supply answers to all the questions that you may have regarding habit face masks, however, when there's something we may have missed, let us all know.

Can I personalize the face mask together with our branding or custom artwork work?

Yes! We have a bunch of different choices of masks, which may be customized in various ways by screen-printing to complete custom-made cloth and knits. We can help you produce a completely custom face mask that's ideal for your requirements.

Do you provide unbranded majority order face masks?

Yes, we provide a couple of distinct choices of unbranded face masks which you can purchase in bulk to your group, clients, or some other of your face mask requirements.

Are your facial masks washable or reusable?

Yes. The majority of the facial masks on our website are machine washable and designed to be reusable.

The masks within our website are recorded as one-size matches most and have elastic bands to keep the masks protected. In case you've got particular sizing questions, examine the specs on each item page, or tell us.

Our Fabric masks shouldn't be considered replacements for medical-grade PPE gear.

Our masks do fulfill the need for ICMR recommendations for face coverings for daily uses. As advocated, masks must be worn for regular trips where you can't guarantee preserving a secure social space. Including trips to the supermarket or drugstore, or working indoors. Our reusable mask can protect you and the people around you rather well.

What substances are Officeforce masks made from?

We've got a choice of masks on our site made from unique substances.

 Because of the requirement for face masks, our choice is frequently changing, so tell us if you have any particular needs or questions regarding our materials.

What will be the printing specs or specs to remember when designing masks?

To get a simple front and center print onto the mask, our printable place for the majority of masks is approximately 3" x 3", however, there's some small variation for every item. It's ideal to utilize our mock-up attribute to upload your layout.

Because of this fast-updating nature of items now, our turnaround time for masks is shifting every day (sometimes hourly). While we're maintaining estimated in-hands dates, in case you've got a particular date that your masks are wanted, please verify before setting your order the date could be confirmed.

If you're searching for custom branded face masks or merely unbranded face masks, then we're pleased to assist. Check from our entire choice of masks.

Additionally, we're donating some of the masks to people in need.

Best Infrared Thermometer in India which can serve as a tremendous Corporate Gift

If you are thinking of purchasing a thermometer, elect for an infrared thermometer. Not only are you able to use this thermometer to check the temperature if your little one has a cold, but it also allows you to differentiate hot spots in electrical systems, track the effectiveness of your air conditioning in summer. Even measure food temperature using the most exceptional infrared valve without worrying about contamination.

Benefits of Buying the Best Infrared Thermometer

Following are few benefits of investing in an infrared thermometer as a Corporate Gift are as follows:

·  Measure the temperature in the space

·  The thermometer is compact, lightweight and Simple to Use

·  Provides accurate dimensions

·  Temperature calculated in both Celsius and Fahrenheit

·  Can be used for several applications besides measuring a fever

These no contact thermometer has the distinction of becoming the most excellent infrared thermometer as it's an ergonomic layout. It can measure the temperature of a person and inanimate things with comparative ease. You can also measure the environment temperature. It's memory function to store up to one set of current temperature readings.

Infrared thermometer is sterile as it does not have to come in contact with the body or object to measure the temperature. It's possible to assess the temperature every 15 minutes along with the thermometer will sound a beep if the body temperature is higher than 37.5 deg C. The temperature display panel is easy to read, thanks to the backlight.

·  Very easy to use

·  No contact infrared thermometer

·  Measure temperature from 0 deg to 100 deg Celsius in seconds

·  Turns off automatically after 60 sec

·  Ergonomic and Portable design

·  Provides prompt and consistent readings

·  Accurate readings

·  Lightweight

 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kits)

Prevention of Infection and control measures include, among other steps: hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, and waste management substances.

The Protective equipment is composed of garments placed to defend the healthcare workers or some other persons to get contaminated.


When its blood or high airborne infections, will comprise Face protection, goggles, and mask or face shield, gloves, gown or coverall, head cap, rubber boots. These PPE Kits can be customized with your company's logo and can serve as a great promotional product in these times of COVID 19.